2015-2018 NSF DEB, $670,797 (NSF DEB 1457232)
PI: Dr. Matthew Fujita, $426,122
Co-PI: Dr. Adam Leaché (University of Washington, Seattle), $261,975
COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Mechanisms of diversification in West African Rainforest Amphibians and Reptiles

2015-2017 NSF DEB, $16,993
PI: Dr. Matthew Fujita
Co-PI: Mr. Alex Hall (Ph.D student)
DISSERTATION RESEARCH: Origins of parthenogenesis in the common checkered whiptail

2015-2017 Texas Parks and Wildlife, $130,880
PI: Dr. Corey Roelke
Co-PI: Dr. Matthew Fujita
Evaluating the species level status, population genetic structure, and connectivity among populations of the spot tailed earless lizard (Holbrookia lacerata)

2016-2017 Subcontract from University of Texas at Austin, $57,555
PI: Dr. Matthew Fujita
Co-PI: Dr. Corey Roelke
Contract Addendum to RFP No. 207h: Supplemental Research for the Spot-tailed Earless Lizard (Holbrookia lacerata)

2017-2021 NSF DEB, $714,993
PI: Dr. Matthew Fujita
Co-PI: Dr. Rayna Bell, Dr. Jeffrey Streicher
NSFDEB-NERC: The evolution of visual systems during major life history transitions in frogs

2017-2021 NSF DEB, $867,402
PI: Dr. Todd Castoe
Co-PI: Dr. Matthew Fujita, Dr. Stephen Mackessy
Collaborative Research: Systematics, introgression, and adaptation in Western Rattlesnakes: a model system for studying gene flow, selection, and speciation

2017-2018 NSF DEB, $19,695
PI: Dr. Matthew Fujita
Co-PI: Mr. Kyle O’Connell (Ph.D student)
DISSERTATION RESEARCH: Co-estimating species responses to Pleistocene climate change using comparative phylogeography of closely related flying frogs across the island of Sumatra