Several new publications from the lab!

It’s been a busy few months in the Fujita Lab as several manuscripts have been accepted!

Portik, D.M., Leaché, A.D., Rivera, D., Blackburn, D.C., Rödel, M.-O., Barej, M.F., Hirschfeld, M., Burger, M., and M.K. Fujita. 2017. Evaluating mechanisms of diversification in a Guineo-Congolian tropical forest frog using demographic model selection. Molecular Ecology 26: 5245–5263.

O’Connell, K. A., U. Smart, E. N. Smith, A. Hamidy, N. Kurniawan, M. K. Fujita. Accepted. Within-island diversification underlies parachuting frog (Rhacophorus) species accumulation on the Sunda Shelf. Journal of Biogeography.

O’Connell, K. A., J. W. Streicher, E. N. Smith and M. K. Fujita. Accepted. Geographical features are the predominant driver of molecular diversification in widely distributed North American Whipsnakes. Molecular Ecology.

Schargel, W. E., G. A. Rivas, J. E. García-Pérez, C. Rivero-Blanco, P. T. Chippindale, and M. K. Fujita. 2017. A new species of Gonatodes (Squamata: Sphaerodactylidae) from the western versant of the Cordillera de Mérida, Venezuela. Zootaxa 4291(3):549-562

Leaché, A.D., J. A Grummer, M.Miller, S. Krishnan, M. K. Fujita, W. Böhme, A. Schmitz, M. LeBreton, I. Ineich, L. Chirio, C. Ofori-Boateng, E. A. Eniang, E. Greenbaum, M-O Rödel, and P. Wagner. 2017. Bayesian inference of species diffusion in the West African Agama agama species group (Reptilia, Agamidae). Systematics and Biodiversity 15:192-203.

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