A few more publications from the Fujita Lab!

We have a few more publications that recently came online. The first is from Fujita Lab alumnus Kyle O’Connell. His paper, Synchronous diversification of parachuting frogs (Genus Rhacophorus) on Sumatra and Java, uses a comparative phylogeographic approach to examine diversification in Indonesia.

The second paper is a collaboration with Dr. Corey Roelke, where we used whole mitochondrial genomes to examine the divergence between two subspecies of the spot-tailed earless lizard, Holbrookia lacerata. We found that the two subspecies, H. l. lacerata and H. l. subcaudalis are quite divergent from each other, and perhaps deserve species status. Read about the project here!

Here’s Corey multitasking with email and a few Trimorphodon.

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